The 7 Rila lakes are the most famous and most visited group of lakes in Bulgaria.

They are located high in Rila National park, between 2100 and 2500 m above sea level.


Their origin is glacial: glacial lakes appear from glaciers that have eroded the land and then melted to form a lake.

Because of their origin the waters of the lakes are crystal clear and cold even during summer. 


The pristine waters however are very fragile and can easily be spoiled by human activity, therefore dipping, washing or bathing in the lakes is strictly prohibited. 


Babreka lake

Translation: The Kidney

Location: 2282 m above sea level

Depth: 28 m


Okoto lake

Translation: The Eye

Location: 2440 m above sea level

Depth: 37.7 m - the deepest glacial lakes on the Balkan peninsula.


Salzata lake

Translation: The Tear

Location: 2535 m above sea level

Depth: 4.5 m

Bliznaka lake

Translation: The Twin

Location: 2243 m above sea level

Depth: 27.5 m


Trilistnika lake

Translation: The Trefoil

Location: 2216 m above sea level

Depth: 6.5 m


Ribnoto lake

Translation: The Fish lake

Location: 2184 m above sea level

Depth: 2.5 m

Dolnoto lake

Translation: The Lower lake

Location: 2095 m above sea level

Depth: 11 m


At Rila national park it is NOT allowed:

- washing and swimming in the lakes

- camping and lighting fire


- hunting and feeding wildlife